About us

A Woman Owned Business: LDP is a stocking distributor for disposable glass and plastic laboratory supplies. Some of the products we supply are petri dishes, cell culture vessels, serological pipets, tubes, cryogenic vials, filter units and various other items and accessories.
Laboratory Disposable Products, Inc. is a distributor of quality laboratory supplies.

Our customer service and sales personnel are a well trained team dedicated to serving our customers promptly, courteously, and with the highest level of ethics and friendliness.

Principle Products:
Stocking Distributor for plastic and glass disposable products. Some of the products are Petri Dishes, Tissue Culture Flasks, Test Tubes, Measuring Pipets, Tubes, Containers, Filters and various other items used in our industry. We also provide tamper-proof drug testing kits for Urine Testing and Identification.
Location: Laboratory Disposable Products is located in Northern New Jersey.